Racing Instructions

For those of us who have always wondered what a Race Office (RO) or Officer Of the Day (OOD) did in order to organise and record a sailing race, the following documents are a guide as to what is required and how to complete the Race Sheet.

Running a Race


Race Sheet

The Officer Of the Day (OOD) and Assistant Officer of the Day (AOD), are tasked with completing the Race Sheet for each individual race held at EPSC. The following is an example of a completed Race Sheet, with all the pertinent details completed, i.e. Race Officers and Safety Boat Crew names, Course, Helm/Crew names, Dinghy Class, Sail Number and Lap Times. If you are asked to be OOD or AOD, please complete the Race Sheets in LEGIBLE writing. Otherwise, the Results Officer has to try and decypher the sheets, which could mean fellow sailors could end up with incorrect results.

racesheet_1_2014 racesheet_2_2014