Model Boats

The Model Boats section of the sailing club meets every Thursday throughout our “British Summer Time” from 2:30pm until early evening.

Saturdays are also available for those that wish to use their models in a more leisurely way.

To fit in with the ethos of the Club and Park, the models we allow fit into two categories:-

a) Scale Models, b) Model Yachts

Sorry, speed boats are not allowed.

Radio Controlled Yacht Racing

If you like a little more excitement, we set a course on a Thursday afternoon for friendly yacht racing. So please come along and try your hand at this addictive sport.

We regularly sail a commercially available model yacht called a “Dragon Force 65” and for the more experienced modeller, the homebuilt “Wee Nip”.

If you would like further information about the Model Boat Section, please contact Alan Smedley on 01234 711214 or email Alan using this link.

Alternatively, you may contact the Model Boat Secretary (Colin Davis) on 07836 523428 or email Colin using this link.

The UK Model Yacht Association can be contacted here.