Dinghy Classes

Due to the “compact size” of Heron Water, the dinghies sailed at EPSC have a Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) of 1000 or above (the higher the number the slower the dinghy)…what this actually means is that you can enjoy your sailing all the more without the intimidation you sometimes get when sailing with very fast dighies.
The PY is essentially the handicap of a particular class of dinghy and is used mainly for the calculating of positions in a mixed class race.
The dinghy classes sailed at the club currently consist of:

Class PY Person(s)
Enterprise 1113 2
Laser Radial 1136 1
Laser 4.7 1195 1
Laser 1095 1
Supernova 1075 1
RS Vareo 1071 1
RS200 1047 1
Mirror 1369/1383 1 or 2
Topper 1341 1
Graduate 1132 2
Solo 1140 1
Comet 1200 1
Byte CII 1148 1
Firefly 1163 2

If your particular class of dinghy isn’t listed, don’t worry…you can contact the club and ask if your class of dinghy can be added to the sailing register. As long as the PY is 1000 or above there should be no problem.
PY numbers obtained from RYA Portsmouth Number List 2016. A full listing can be found here