Virtual Regatta

Due to the current closure of the club, we are inviting sailors to join us for our Virtual Sailing Race, using Virtual Regatta.

Virtual Regatta is a website where you can virtually helm a boat and race against club members.

Follow the link below to access the site.

We will be competing in the Inshore Racing.

You dont have to create an account, but if you do, any “credits” you get for completing the “sailing school” or winning a race, can be used to “pimp your boat” or to display extra features during the race.

There is no charge for playing.

Ignore any popups for “promo of the day”, just close this down from the “X” in the top right hand corner.

It will be worth you having a look at the “Sailing School” (left hand side of the screen), to learn how to steer, raise/lower sails, and navigate the various other controls, using your keyboard or mobile device. Plus you get credits for completing it – just click the barrel at the end of the lessons.

To join the EPSC racing, select the “Custom Race” button next to the “Sailing School” button.

Press the long green button at the bottom of the list of races

Enter the access code (revealed in our Facebook group). You should now be taken to the EPSC race.

The race can have a maximum of 20 competitors. We can start the race when all competitors have joined, or at any time before.

There are a list of “race helps” you can use during the race. Some are free, some you have to pay for with credits.

Press the green button on the right hand side to enter the race.

You are now in the race!

The keyboard help is shown at the bottom of the screen. Some items will be shown, or not shown, depending on the types of “race help” you chose.
Click the “X” in the top right hand corner of the help screen to remove the keyboard help.

Pressing the Top right corner of the screen reveals the buttons for music, sound, display, etc.

Pressing the “!” (information icon) reveals an additional help screen (below).

The “Home” button will take you out of the race, and return you to the screen showing “sailing school”, “custom races”, etc. You will have to join the race again as detailed above.

Press the red cross to remove this help screen.

There is a guide you can download using the link below.
eSailing Guide

Lets Race!